Category: Art
Role: Art Director
Team: Erik Molano, Oryx Fairbanks, John Nguyen, Thulasi Narayan, Rathnakar Padmanaban, Randall Gibson, Jacob Tomy, Jolie Wu, George Ngo Tang, Navid Kamran, Yullya Makhanov, Maria Jo

Coralume is an interactive installation that merges land and water. We wanted to highlight the state of coral reefs disappearing as well as showcase a variety of phenomenal organisms.

Armed with a grant that was graciously provided to us by Fremont Arts Council, we spent two busy weeks shaping reed, gluing tissue paper, and soldering LEDs. Although there were some technical challenges, we successfully created a fun art piece enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Seattle Mini Maker Faire

Category: Art, Booth Design

Commissioned by Cypress Semiconductor for the 2015 Seattle Mini Maker Faire, I designed and built a backdrop piece for their booth. The 8x8ft installation is composed of over 400 PCBs, painted with Maker Faire colors, and adorned with the words, "Make Things."

The same week, Cypress welcomed special guest, tech enthusiast Anthony Ray (aka Sir Mix-A-Lot). He ended up autographing one of the PCBs!

Progress collage: