Renaissance woman.

I'm Christiana Wu, and I'm a big-picture kind of gal, best fit for a 1-2 combo of art direction and producing.

I received my education from the University of Washington with dual degrees in Human-Centered Design and Electrical Engineering. Since then, I’ve worked in a wide range of industries such as semiconductors, IoT, game design, and filmmaking. A few companies, start-ups, and small businesses I've interfaced with are Samsung, Canon, Big Fish Games, Deako, and Sweet Alchemy.

Additionally, I’m an advocate for workplace diversity/inclusion and youth STEM/arts education amongst other social causes. This includes giving talks to local organizations to educating K-12 students about introductory electronics.

I'm particularly interested in world-building, be it VR/AR, set design, or experiential marketing. This next decade holds incredible opportunities for influencing our social landscape through storytelling mediums.